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Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information, the provider of Lexicomp® applications, creates innovative medication decision support solutions to help individual pharmacists and students make smarter clinical and business decisions.


Lexicomp Mobile Apps contain valuable drug information databases, interactive tools, and references to help you save time and increase efficiency. Improve your clinical skills and application of drug information by using a resource that focuses on patient context, indication-specific dosing, adverse drug reactions, and IV compatibility.

Lexicomp provides you with easy access to:

  •    Adult and renal impairment dosing and adverse drug reaction information to support smart clinical decision making  
  •    Continually updated content, including off-label uses and dosing; newly approved drugs and medications, products, and dosage forms
  •    Tools to screen for potential drug interactions, drug allergies, and duplicate therapies
  •    A drug ID tool to identify unknown or unlabeled medications
  •    Trissel's IV compatibility, laboratory interpretation, and toxicology databases

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