Lexicomp® mobile packages — now with the Lexi-Drugs Multinational database!

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As a pharmacist, you need current, concise drug information without having to search through an enormous amount of content. With Lexicomp®, you can do just that. 

Our drug information packages contain valuable drug information databases, interactive tools, and drug references to help you save time, increase efficiency, and quickly answer complex questions. And, with the addition of our Lexi-Drugs Multinational database, you will benefit from access to our most extensive drug database, with content that addresses a variety of patient populations (e.g., adult, pediatrics, older adults) and indication-specific dosing.


Additionally, our content includes synthesized information with approved drug uses, clinical guidelines, and international sources of evidence to help you provide the best patient care.

Lexicomp has packages specifically for pharmacists worldwide that include the Lexi-Drugs Multinational database:

  • Essentials Package: provides mobile access to basic Lexicomp resources, including core drug content, Lexi-Drugs Multinational database and our drug interactions tool. 
  • Professional Package: provides mobile access to Lexicomp core drug content, the Lexi-Drugs Multinational database, plus several interactive medication safety tools.  
  • Premium Package: includes mobile and online access to a greater depth and breadth of specialized Lexicomp content, including Lexicomp core drug information and the Lexi-Drugs Multinational database.*
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