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Each decision you make about a medication is critical for the patient, whether you’re prescribing, dispensing or administering treatments. With medical information constantly changing, you need drug referential content that is continuously updated and easily accessible at the point of care.  

As you seek to improve quality of care, Lexicomp is committed to providing drug decision support solution to help you and your team. Lexicomp quickly connects you to relevant drug information to support dispensing, patient safety screening, medication therapy management, and more.

What makes Lexicomp different from other clinical pharmacology and drug referential solutions?

Lexicomp is trusted by pharmacists and other medical professionals worldwide to provide fast, relevant drug and drug interaction information. Wherever you practice across the continuum of care, we offer options that tackle critical and challenging areas of drug decision support for pharmacists, physicians, dentists, students and other healthcare professionals, in an easily searchable interface. 

With a Lexicomp subscription, pharmacists, doctors and other medical professionals have access to:

  • Expanded dosing information, enabling a more patient-specific approach, which includes critical, nuanced dosing considerations for renal impairment, pharmacogenomics, obesity, pregnancy, and more. 
  • Exclusive tools and hundreds of medical calculators continually updated to ensure medication doses are accurate.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our individual subscribers have to say:1

  • 97% report Lexicomp helps improve their quality of care 
  • 96% say Lexicomp adds confidence to their decisions
  • 94% agree that Lexicomp saves them time

With so many drug and drug interaction resources to choose from, it can be challenging to find the solution best for you. We invite you to compare us to other drug knowledge resource solutions in the field to select the option best for you. With our trusted reputation, premier level of content and service, and our flexible payment options, including risk-free annual or longer subscriptions and our low rate 30-day recurring billing payment options, we are confident you won’t be disappointed. 

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