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Save 25% on select Lexicomp
® Drug
Information products for Dentistry*.

To receive discount you must order
your subscription when you visit
the Wolters Kluwer booth #1128.


Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information, the provider of Lexicomp® applications, creates innovative medication decision support solutions to help individual dentists make smarter clinical and business decisions.


With Lexicomp Drug Information for Dentistry, you will benefit from key dental pharmacology information, drug interaction screening, alerts to let you know how a patient's medications may adversely affect dental treatment or cause bleeding, and oral cancer diagnosis tools to help you make safe medication decisions. 

Lexicomp Drug Information for Dentistry provides you with easy access to:

  •    Dental-specific drug information;  
  •    Daily content updates to help you stay current on the latest medication safety and proper patient care;
  •    A drug interactions tool that helps you make confident prescribing decisions, especially when caring for a patient taking multiple prescriptions;
  •    Alerts to let you know how patient's medications may adversely affect dental treatment or cause bleeding.

For decades, Lexicomp books have been dentists' choice for concise, relevant drug information!

Lexicomp has built relationships with hundreds of authors and consultant editors from the healthcare profesions who help construct and validate our trusted printed resources, including handbooks and manuals.


See what dentists say about Lexicomp — trusted by dental professionals for more than 20 years!

"Prior to (Lexicomp), I used my little drug book. It was not easy. It would take too long. Since then, Lexicomp has made life easy. I can look drugs up, look at interactions with other medications. This has been a life saver."
Neda Sayyah, DMD
We routinely check patients' medication lists through the Lexicomp Online for Dentistry database. We have found numerous situations where patients are taking meds prescribed by different physicians that not only "work against each other," but can have dangerous interactions. When notified, the physicians are always embarrassed, but grateful.
  — Norman Marks, DDS
Lexicomp Online for Dentistry is accessible anytime throughout my busy day. Lexicomp allows me to research a patient's list of medications quickly so that I can focus on their appointment with the comfort of knowing I have accurate and detailed information. Lexicomp makes the day run smoothly and allows me to easily access important information to give the best care to each and every one of my patients.
— Erin L. Schroeder, DMD
I have a pharmacy right next door to my office. The pharmacist is very helpful, but I feel more comfortable being able to confirm what he is telling me. The sense of secure confidence that I am able to provide the safest, most effective prescriptions, minimizing drug interactions or risks to medically compromised patients in a continually shifting information landscape, is well worth the subscription price of Lexicomp.

— Jack Fingrut, DDS

There has been more than one occasion when I have become aware of medical conditions a patient failed to report because of what Lexicomp told me about medicines they are on.
— Chris Moldovan, DMD
In our practice, we have a large focus on oral sedation and see patients on a lot of meds. Lexicomp gives me confidence in doing procedures on patients knowing any potential drug interactions, but more importantly it lets me know when to NOT do sedation on a patient due to potential drug interactions. With so many patients being on so many meds these days, many times new unknown meds to me, I feel like Lexicomp really covers my back end and keeps me, and more importantly my patients, out of trouble.
— Donald S. Bland, DDS
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