The Lexicomp® Mobile App is
the medication decision support
resource you can trust

Find answers — any time, anywhere.

Find reliable drug referential content quickly and easily.


The Lexicomp mobile app contains valuable drug monographs, interactive tools, and references to help medical professionals save time. Improve patient care and the application of drug information by using a resource that focuses on indication-specific dosing, dosing for renal dysfunction and adverse drug reactions.

With Lexicomp you get easy access to:

  •    Continuously updated content, including new medication uses and dosing.
  •    Tools to assess a patients medication regimen for drug interactions, drug allergies, and duplicate therapies.
  •    Hundreds of medical calculators continually updated to help ensure accurate medication doses and much more!

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What professionals say about Lexicomp:

"I love the Lexicomp mobile app. It's great. I've been using it for several years. I have it on my iPad and iPhone. It's so easy to use, I can be anywhere."


 — Steve Cabble, RPh, MS

"The biggest advantage that I see using Lexicomp in comparison to other drug information resources is definitely the user friendliness of it. Also the consistency in it year to year."

— Lucy Crosby, PharmD, BCPS

"Lexicomp is fantastic and it is laid out very nicely. I also like the drug interactions checker, it is very easy to use, it provides excellent content, and integrates the interaction into an easy to understand format. You can click on the interaction and it give you a little synopsis. It links out to guidelines very easily and that is key when you are talking with other practitioners because you have to set the guidelines."

— Matthew Balish, PharmD

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